Four tips on increasing your success with proposals

A few tips on proposals:
  1. Avoid them, but sometimes your prospect requires them, or perhaps the work description is a complicated, which makes a proposal necessary. 
  2. Don’t start writing it until you have a meeting scheduled to go over it, If you can’t schedule the meeting, you just saved yourself a bunch of time. 
  3. Keep your proposal focused on the needs you uncovered during the "Evaluate the Need" step of the READ sales model. The proposal is not the place or time to present unrelated services to your prospect - it may confuse the issue and even suggest to him that you didn't get anything from the interview. Just show how you'll solve the problem.
  4.  Don’t send the proposal before the meeting. Either deliver it in person or send it while you are on the phone. Sending it early often leads to “chasing the decision.”
 Go get 'em!