Do whatever it takes to do your presentation in person

It’s common for a prospect in a large company or the federal government to ask for a presentation that covers your relevant capabilities...and then ask you just to send it to him without scheduling a time for you to present it. This is suboptimal for both you AND your prospect. Why? Since you can’t anticipate all his questions or everything he is interested in, you will generally pour far too much time into putting that deck together to cover every eventuality. If you don’t nail his specific pain points, you’ll just prolong the time to close. For him, it will just take much longer to figure out what exactly your capabilities are. Instead, 30 minutes with you and a few members of his team will serve him better AND help him communicate your company's value.

Do whatever it takes to do your presentation in person (or over the phone/Skype/etc.). Convince your prospect to let you present the deck. Remind him that It will save him time and allow you to focus the presentation on the topics in which he is interested. Be persistent, but in the end take what you can get. Getting a presentation in the door is better than nothing.

Go get 'em!