Getting your leadership team on the same page

Do you hold an offsite strategic retreat once a year for you and your leadership team to make sure you are all on the same page?

If not, I get it… COMPLETELY. I was never really a believer in offsites throughout my corporate career. I figured it was a way for executives to blow the company's money on cool trips. Even now that I encourage them, I’m definitely more ascetic than most other advocates. I prefer to not hold them in distraction-heavy areas, like Las Vegas, but…the best retreat I’ve even been on was – in fact – in Las Vegas. Go figure.

To the point – if you really want to think big and creatively about your business, if you want to hammer things out to get your leadership on the same page, and if you want to strengthen the team – hold an offsite strategic retreat. Have it facilitated; in my corporate career, I’ve done both, and the facilitated version was always far more effective, simply because the facilitator keeps the team focused (which is important when you consider how much you invest in it – travel, accommodations, time not spent working, etc.).

And I’ll reluctantly concede that it’s OK to go to Vegas.