Celebrate Your Company's Victories

During most of my working life, I looked forward to Mondays. Why is that? Because our work was important, the team was awesome, the pay was good, and morale was high.

I also had jobs where I definitely did not look forward to Mondays. In every case, the leadership was poor and morale was relatively low.

In which case do you think I did my best work?

I’ve known plenty of CEOs and leaders who intellectually assented to the idea that a rewarding and enjoyable work culture would result in much greater productivity. In practice, though, they treated their employees as if they were lucky to have a job. There was little investment in fostering a better culture.

Don’t allow that to happen. Yes, in today’s environment, many people are “lucky” to have a job (especially a full time job with benefits), but if you treat your employees as if they’re lucky, you won’t get their best, and your best employees will go somewhere else.

Make coming to work rewarding and enjoyable! Tip: celebrate your company’s victories and the work that everyone put into getting the win! Turn those victories into stories you tell, and make sure you include the full cast of characters! 

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